eFlexFuel brings American biofuel to your vehicle

Soon available in the US

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eFlexFuel is the most advanced E85 kit in the world

With eFlexFuel you do not have to worry about what you refuel. You can use E85 or use any mixture of gasoline. The ethanol sensor automatically detects the mixture used and everything can be monitored with eFlexFuel App.

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Over 125 000 000

miles with eFlexFuel

and counting...

based on cumulative eFlexFuel sales and average yearly drive

Also available for motobikes

More power and torque with easy solution

All our device types includes compatibility to motobikes

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  • Real-time operations
  • Injector duty cycle
  • Fuel ethanol content
  • Injector activity
  • Etc...

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Use E85, gasoline or any mixture of two (FlexFuel)