About the company

StepOne Tech Ltd is a Finnish cleantech company located in Pirkkala, Finland. eFlexFuel E85 upgrade is designed, developed and manufactured by StepOne Tech Ltd. You can check the exact contact information here.

StepOne Tech Ltd was founded around the concept of eFlexFuel in 2012. Our goal was to bring an affortable solution which will decrease CO2 emissions, to the market. Today eFlexFuel has been developed for over 7 years and we are proud to say that it is the most advanced bioethanol conversion kit on the global market. Thanks to our product, over 93 million miles has been driven with bioethanol and around 25 thousand tons of emissions has been cut.

Our team is consists of automotive or cleantech professionals. With eFlexFuel, we have succeeded in streamlining legislation in Finland three times. In addition to international growth, our mission is to make a significant contribution to reducing road transport emissions by providing a low cost solution for replacing fossil fuel.