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Take advantage of renewable, over 104 high octane bioethanol fuel. Optimal performance with completely adjustable fuel maps and parameters.

Learn more about the eFlexTuner software

eFlexPro is the choice for you if you want to optimize your engine and get more power and torque. With eFlexPro you'll get all the advantage out of ethanol's 104 octane. With eFlexPro the data gathered can be analyzed in depth. You can also adjust the fuel mixture based on the RPM and one external sensor input value. Applies especially to vehicles, with modified engines.

Key features

Power and torque

With eFlexPro you can achive a 15 percent increase of power.

Take advantage of over 104 high octane bioethanol fuel!

Analyzation tool

The log files can be analyzed in depth with the eFlexTuner software. You can connect two external sensors to the eFlexPro control unit. The data from two external sensor can be used in the analyzation. All of this can be done wirelessly with Bluetooth connection.

Optimized engine

The fuel mixture can be adjusted based on the RPM and one external sensor input value. The fuel mixture is easy to optimize within the whole RPM range. RPM specific optimization is possible with eFlexPro even without dynamometer.

Product description


  • 1-8 injector channels
  • Ethanol content detection
  • Automatic cold start
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • Free eFlexFuel app
  • Faul detection
  • External temperature sensor
  • Waterproof control unit (IP68)
  • eFlexTuner software (Win 10)
  • eFlexTuner software:
  • Base enrichment tuning
  • RPM specific tuning
  • Adjustable startup maps
  • Data logging
  • View log files
  • Settings files
  • Password protection
  • Analysing the log
  • External sensor inputs
  • Load enrichment
  • Additional fuel map

Package content

  • Device Package:
  • eFlexPro control unit
  • Ethanol sensor
  • Installation and user's guide
  • Wiring harness package:
  • Wiring harness (for 1-4 cylinders)
  • wiring harness for 5-8 cylinders (4 pieces)
  • Cable ties
  • Male connectors (10 pieces)
  • Additional wiring for two external sensors
  • Installation package:
  • Fuel hose
  • Quick connectors
  • Hose clamps
  • Tools for detaching the fuel line

Product information

  • 3-year-warranty (control unit)
  • Free product support
  • Designed and manufactured in Finland

Coming soon to the US