Technical Support

Control unit is broken

eFlexFuel control units have a degradation rate of less than 1%. The control unit itself is a high-quality electronic product. But it is always possible that the control unit has been damaged in one way or another.


  • Processor is corrupted
  • Damage in the wiring harness
  • Problems related to the ground wire

How to repair

  • The corruption of the processor happens usually because some electronic component of the engine compartment has caused a high voltage spike to the control unit
  • The safest way to prevent corruption is to install the wiring harness and the control unit as far as possible from high voltage components or other automotive electronics. See "Installing wiring harness near high voltage components" page
  • The most common fault in eFlexFuel is related to the wiring harness and especially to its installation. The wiring harness should be checked thoroughly to ensure that all connectors are properly closed. The connection of single terminals must also be correct
  • Make sure the ground is really a ground. Many components look like ground body parts, but they are not. The best place for the ground is the negative terminal of the battery