Frequently asked questions

How much does eFlexFuel cost to my car?

eFlexFuel prices starting at 399 € including shipping and accessories.

We always supply products that fit in the car based on its technical information. If you think you have received the wrong products, please contact us.


eFlexFuel conversion kit is compatible with most gasoline-powered vehicles (cars and motobikes) that are equipped with multipoint fuel injection.

eFlexFuel is not compatible to diesel and direct injection engines.

Notice: Vehicle should be in good condition and maintained on time.

How long will it take to change the fuel mixture settings?

eFlexFuel recognizes fuel mixtures instantly. eFlexFuel ethanol conversion kits include an ethanol sensor. Users do not have to do anything when using different fuel-mixtures as eFlexFuel’s fuel recognition is fully automatic.

Can I install the conversion kit by myself?

The conversion kit is delivered with a detailed installation manual that includes pictures of the installation process. If you have experience in simple automotive installations, you will most likely be able to install the conversion kit by yourself.

Our support site included manuals and videos of installation.

Is it possible to use regular gasoline?

Yes. After the installation, you can use any mixture of gasoline and ethanol.

Does the device need to be adjusted?

No. The device is ready for use immediately after installation. eFlexFuel uses ethanol sensor to detect fuel mixtures so there is no need for adjustment.

Is my car able to start in cold weather while using E85?

Yes. In very cold temperatures it is advisable to use a fuel mixture of E85 and regular gasoline (at least 5 – 10 % of regular gasoline) or to use engine block heater.

Does eFlexFuel conversion kit affect the driveability of my car?

Car driveability is the same with gasoline. However ethanol gives more power and torque.

Is the eFlexFuel conversion kit installation reversible?

Yes. It is possible to remove the eFlexFuel conversion kit and return the car to the exact same state that it was in prior to the installation.

Is the eFlexFuel conversion kit compatible with chip tuning?

Yes. However you should check flow rate of the fuel injectors. You can ask this from our support.

Can ethanol damage the car’s engine?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no reports of engine damages caused by the use of E85.

Can eFlexFuel damage the car’s engine?

If the eFlexFuel is installed as instructed and used in the correct manner, there is no risk of car failure.

Does fuel consumption increase with E85?

Since the energy content of E85 fuel is lower than that of regular gasoline more fuel needs to be injected during each injector cycle. Typically, the increase in the amount injected is about 28%.