eFlexFuel App

eFlexFuel App is a free application. You can monitor the eFlex device with the app.

Faul codes can be read and reset with the app. The app also has several monitoring features with which you can monitor the devoce while driving. The app is not mandatory for the use of eFlex device.

eFlexFuel App is available for Android and iOS devices.

Big update coming in summer 2020


  • Injector duty cycle
  • Injector duty cycle chart
  • Injector activity
  • Fuel ethanol content
  • Fuel contamination detection
  • Fuel temperature
  • Temperature (current, min, max)
  • Cold enchrichment state
  • Fault code check
  • Stored fault codes check
  • Firmware version


Operating system requirements: Android min 6.0 and iOS min 7.0

Control unit version is located on the nameplate.

Check compatibility


Products available for your car:

If you cannot find your vehicle you can leave us a compatibility request. We add vehicles to our database when we are asked for compatibility.

a) VIN code is 17 characters. b) i, o, q are not allowed.

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Our technician will check the compatibility of your vehicle before delivery. We always return your money immediately if eFlexFuel products are not compatible.

Please note:

  • eFlexFuel products are not compatible with Diesel engines.
  • eFlexFuel products are not compatible with direct injection engines like TFSI, TSI, CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost.
  • If you switch eFlexFuel products to another vehicle please contact our support first.