You can check your car or moto compatibility from below.

Please note that our technician will check the compatibility of your vehicle before delivery. We always return your money immediately if eFlexFuel is not compatible.

In challenging cases it may take several days to determine compatibility. We check for example vehicles power, injection type, fuel injector flow capacity and resistance, fuel pump pressure, etc...

Please note:

  • eFlexFuel is not compatible with Diesel engines.
  • eFlexFuel is not compatible with direct injection engines like TSI, CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost.
  • If you switch eFlexFuel to another vehicle please contact our support first.

Check the compatibility for your vehicle

eFlexFuel is not available for direct injection engines (CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost, etc.) or diesel engines.

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If you cannot find your vehicle you can leave us a compatibility request. We add vehicles to our database when we are asked for compatibility.

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