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StepOne Tech Ltd Privacy Statement 20.5.2018

This privacy statement provides the data required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the Data Protection Regulation) and the Personal Data Act to the registered customer, employees and the supervisory authority. Registrar StepOne Tech Ltd, Business ID FI24890300, Myllyhaantie 7, 33960, Pirkkala, Finland.

This document describes how StepOne Tech Ltd collects, uses, maintains, and protects personal data.

What personal information StepOne Tech Ltd collects for its customers

  1. basic customer information (name and contact information such as address, phone number and email address)
  2. customer information (customer relationship duration)
  3. customer transaction data
  4. when the customer issues a car registration number or general car information
  5. The purchasing of eFlexFuel insurance also collects the customer's personal identification number
  6. Personal information is collected mainly from the customer itself or through the eFlexFuel product dealer.

Personal information is collected mainly from the customer himself or through the eFlexFuel product dealer.

Disclosure of personal data

StepOne Tech Ltd does not give personal information to third parties.

Protection of personal data

Customer Care and Customer Data Protection is a prerequisite for StepOne Tech Ltd. StepOne Tech Ltd handles personal information in a secure and compliant way. We will protect the data properly technically and organisationally to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure as well as alteration and destruction. Information stored in electronic data systems is only processed by the office of StepOne Tech Ltd and only by employees or agents who have the right to process the register and maintain information in accordance with their granted power of attorney. Manual material and other manually processed customer information are stored in locked premises with fire protection. Only employees, agents, and assignors of StepOne Tech Ltd can handle stored data in accordance with the confidentiality requirement. Every user has the information secured by the confidentiality obligation.

Customer Rights

Customer requests to exercise their rights are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Customer Rights:

  • the right to access and request access to personal data relating to a customer managed by StepOne Tech Ltd. This right can be restricted by the lawfulness of the privacy of other persons and the practices of StepOne Tech Ltd. Business secrets as well as internal materials may also restrict access to data.
  • the right to check personal data relating to him,
  • right to request correction of incorrect or incomplete information
  • the right to request removal of data in the situations defined in the Data Protection Regulation
  • the right to deny the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes
  • StepOne Tech Ltd has statutory obligations to maintain personal data during and after the customer relationship, and also to deal with possible legal claims.
  • If it can be established that the customer is not entitled to request the deletion of data, the data processing can only be restricted to the retention of the data at the customer's request. However, processing of data for other purposes is< possible if the legal requirement requires or the customer has consented.
  • the right to transfer data. The customer is entitled to receive personal data in a machine-readable form for automatically processed personal data and on the basis of consent or performance of the contract. If technically feasible and safe, this information may also be transferred to another registrar.
  • The Customer must make the aforementioned requests to StepOne Tech Ltd's customer service (see section Contacting).

The Customer must make the aforementioned requests to StepOne Tech Ltd's customer service (see section Contacting).

If you believe that the processing of your personal information is not lawful, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Use of cookies

We collect information about the user's terminal on cookies ("cookies") and other similar technologies. A cookie is usually a small text file that your Internet browser stores in your terminal to identify and rename the user. Cookies are used to identify a customer's browser, and for example, the information we receive can be used to calculate visiting browsers on our site and analyze our site usage, such as statistical monitoring. Our goal is to improve the service for our users.

Cookies can collect, for example, the following information:

user IP address; time; used pages and their time; browser type, terminal operating system; from which web site the user has accessed the Site, and to which web address the user will access after using the Site; and from which server and from which domain the user has accessed the Site.

The site may also contain cookies for third parties such as metering and tracking services. Third parties can set cookies to the terminal when the customer visits the site.

Cookies on third party pages

In addition to the cookies used on the site, cookies are also used to target StepOne Tech Ltd's advertising on third-party sites. Based on the information collected by our cookies and other technologies, ads can be targeted to the network users who are most likely to be interested in, based on previous online behavior and other factors. This way, you can also use the behavioral information gathered from outside the eFlexFuel site.

Our partner and we can also gather information about how effective our submitted ads are. For this purpose, we can collect, for example, the following information: the number of times a particular ad has been displayed in the browser; whether the ad has been opened; and whether or not an ad was triggered for buying a product in the online store.

Preventing cookies and targeted advertising

The customer can manage the extent to which cookies are used and the targeting of advertising. Cookies may be disabled by changing your browser settings. As a result of the removal of cookies, all functionality of the site may not be available.

If the customer does not want the advertising to be targeted by interest areas, the client may prevent the targeting. After targeting is blocked, you'll see as many ads as before, but your ads have not been selected for your interest.

Retention of Personal Information

Customer information is retained as necessary for the purpose for which they have been collected and processed (implementation of the contract or provision of the service) or according to the legal and regulatory deadlines.

For other purposes such as the prevention of money laundering, accounting and solvency requirements, the information will only be retained if necessary and / or stipulated in the law and regulations. StepOne Tech Oy generally follows the following example storage times:

  • Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing (at least five (5) years after the termination of the contract or after the event)
  • Accounting regulation (up to ten (10) years)
  • payment service requirements (five (5) years)

Changes to Privacy Policies and Privacy Statement

Up-to-date information can be found on the eFlexFuel website. As a result of the development of services and products, the Privacy Statement can be updated as necessary. Significant changes will be announced separately and in accordance with the regulations in force at the time.


Questions related to the Privacy Statement and customer service, email to or on the eFlexFuel website as agreed, and by letter:

StepOne Tech Ltd Customer Service / Data Protection

Myllyhaantie 7, 33960, Pirkkala, Finland

If you wish, you can contact the country's data protection authority where StepOne Tech Ltd offers its services.

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