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Do you want your vehicle to be more eco-friendly? Or do you perhaps want more tuning possibilities? Maybe you want to optimise the engine with extra precision? In our upgraded product family, you will find a device version that is just right for your use!

Choose the market leading E85-upgrade.

449 €

Our best selling eFlexFuel model

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Quick and easy adjustment

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Up to 15 % more power!

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With eFlexFuel conversion kit, you can use your environmentally friendly E85 bioethanol as fuel for your current vehicle. The system automatically detects the fuel mixture, whether you refuel with regular gasoline or E85. Bioethanol and gasoline can also be used together.

  • eFlexEco device has a warranty of 1 year.
  • For eFlexPlus and eFLexPro the warranty is 3 years.
  • The warranty only applies to the control unit. (The warranty for the wiring harness and the ethanol sensor is always 1 year).
  • eFlex device adjusts automatically to any blend of ethanol and gasoline.
  • Optimal startup in any weather.
  • The app enables monitoring engine data and eFlex device's functions via smartphone (iOS & Android).
  • eFlex recognises different malfunctions automatically. The error codes are displayed in the mobile app.
  • eFlex control unit supports maximum 8 injector channels (V8 engines). Models for more cylinders are also available.
  • A PC software (Windows 10) which connects to the control unit via Bluetooth. eFlexTuner software enables adjusting the running parameters of eFlex device.
  • The control unit adjusts the fuel enrichment based on the ethanol content. Base enrichment tuning allows the user to adjust these parameters. This is useful if the engine has been modified.
  • Engine's fuel mixture can be adjusted accurately for different RPMs.
  • Enables adjusting the cold start function. Contains several parameters for the adjustments, which effect the different stages of the startup.
  • The values of the driving data can be viewed with the eFlexTuner software and used for adjusting the device or for fault detection.
  • The values of the driving data can be viewed with the eFlexTuner software and used for adjusting the device or for fault detection.
  • The device settings can be saved with the eFlexTuner software. This enables the sharing of the files for example in professional use.
  • Password protection for the device settings.
  • The log files can be analysed in depth with the eFlexTuner software. The collected data is visually presented with color codes enabling easy and fast adjustments.
  • Two external sensor inputs (For example for: Lambda, MAP, TPS, MAF sensors) can be connected to the eFlexPro control unit. The sensor data can be used for specific adjustments. Allowed voltage range is 0-5 volts.
  • Enables adjusting the fuel mixture based on the RPM and one external sensor input value. The fuel mixture is easy to optimize within the whole RPM range. This enables optimizing fuel consumption and performance. Applies especially to vehicles, with modified engines. A broadband Lambda sensor is recommended.
  • A simple fuel map for displaying and analysing sensor data from one external input. Can be used for example for adjusting enrichment based on the throttle position or intake pressure. Can also be used for making changes to safety settings based on Lambda sensor data.

429 €

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499 €

Includes the features of eFlexEco

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899 €

Includes the features of eFlexPlus

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  • eFlexFuel products are not compatible with Diesel engines.
  • eFlexFuel products are not compatible with direct injection engines like TFSI, TSI, CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost.
  • If you switch eFlexFuel products to another vehicle please contact our support first.