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eFlexPlus E85 conversion kit. Includes necessary accessories.

Improved engine performance with more than 104 octane bioethanol. Customizable fuel maps and parameters in the eFlexPlus Controller allow you to improve engine performance quickly and easily.*

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Economy and performance

With the help of eFlexPlus, you can fine-tune your engine running on ethanol fuel. You can change the fuel mixture at different RPM levels to improve engine performance and economy. Take the full advantage of the minor performance changes made to your engine.

eFlexTuner-control application

With the eFlexTuner control application, you can modify your eFlexPlus hardware settings in real-time via Bluetooth. The control application runs on computers running Windows 10.

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Adjusting the cold start

By adjusting the cold start parameters, you can also optimize engine start-up even in extreme cold conditions. You can influence every step of the engine startup by changing the amount and duration of fuel enrichment. Adjusting the cold start parameters is optional, as the eFlexPlus hardware is also ready to use with pre-tested factory settings.

Adjusting the fuel mixture

Adjustments are made using the eFlexTuner control application. The fuel maps of the eFlexPlus device allow you to accurately change the fuel supply of your engine to your desired RPM levels and to change the enrichment according to the ethanol content of the fuel. The current engine operating point is displayed in real-time on the application map, so adjustment is quick and accurate.


You can save the eFlexPlus hardware operating parameters to a log file while running with the eFlexTuner control application. The collected log can be viewed afterwards. For example, monitor the injector duty cycle based on RPM levels and driving conditions, and quickly identify areas that require fine-tuning.

Extended warranty period

We offer an extended three-year warranty on the eFlexPlus device. Our free product support is also available to assist you in any situation.

Better driving experience

eFlexPlus is the best option for you who want to improve engine performance in all weather conditions. An ethanol-fueled engine runs efficiently and economically. A better driving experience awaits you!


  • 1-8 injector channels
  • Ethanol content detection
  • Automatic cold start
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • Free eFlexFuel app
  • Faul detection
  • External temperature sensor
  • Waterproof control unit (IP68)
  • eFlexTuner software (Win 10)
  • eFlexTuner software:
  • Base enrichment tuning
  • RPM specific tuning
  • Adjustable startup maps
  • Data logging
  • View log files
  • Settings files
  • Password protection

Package content

  • Device Package:
  • eFlexPlus control unit
  • Ethanol sensor
  • Installation and user's guide
  • Wiring harness package:
  • Wiring harness (for 1-4 cylinders)
  • wiring harness for 5-8 cylinders (4 pieces)
  • Cable ties
  • Male connectors (10 pieces)
  • Installation package:
  • Fuel hose
  • Quick connectors
  • Hose clamps
  • Tools for detaching the fuel line

Product information

  • 3-year-warranty (control unit)
  • Free product support
  • Designed and manufactured in Finland
  • * The eFlexPlus system can only influence engine adjustments when using ethanol fuel. The engine control must be preset with petrol. Engine control adjustments must take into account possible changes made to the engine, such as the addition of a turbocharger or injector replacement.

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