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eFlexTuner is used to adjust the factory settings of eFlexPlus and eFlexPro control units. eFlexPlus and eFlexPro can be used safely straight out of the box without any need for adjustments. The control units can also be reverted back to their respective default settings with the eFlexTuner software.

The adjustments made with eFlexTuner affect the engine’s fuel mixture in real time, so it’s easy to monitor the results. Adjustments can be performed on a dyno or during normal drive.

eFlexTuner requires Windows 10 operating system and support for Bluetooth 4.0.

Fuel map adjustment

Fuel injection can be adjusted with the tuner. Adjustments are made with a separate fuel map. Engine RPM and engine load based on a sensor of your choice (e.g. MAP, MAF, TPS) are used when adjusting the fuel map. When driving, eFlexTuner displayes from which sector of the fuel map the correction is read. This simplifies the adjustment of the enrichment.

3D fuel maps

Fuel maps can be observed in the 3D graphics window.The view of the fuel map can be rotated freely, and selected squares are displayed with separate markings. Analysis is simple because the fuel map can be color coded.

Cold start enrichment adjustment

Versatile adjustments for cold starting can be made with the eFlexTuner. The cold start properties can be monitored in real time on separate “Startup”-tabs.

Storing log files

All running parameters of the control unit can be saved to a log file during engine operation. You can choose which parameters are displayed and stored.

Log file analysis

eFlexPro log files can be analysed in depth with the eFlexTuner. Data can be analysed from an entire session or a specific timespan. The data is color coded, which helps to distinguish e.g. the fuel mixture or the injector duty cycle on the whole load area of the engine.

Sensor editor

With the eFlexTuner sensor editor on you can create new .efs files of sensors connected to the eFlexPro control unit.Voltage value of each sensor can be converted to a measurable quantity (e.g. MAP sensor = pressure, MAF sensor = airmass or broadband Lambda sensor = fuel mixture) with the sensor files (.efs).

The sensor editor supports the voltage variable conversion as interpolation or a curve (function).

Sensor linkage

Two (2) external sensors can be connected to the eFlexPro control unit. Sensor files created with the sensor editor can be linked to these sensors.

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