eFlexFuel™ is designed and manufactured in Finland

For Retailers


StepOne Tech ltd. is looking for retail and installation partners for eFlexFuel from bioethanol distribution areas!

Why to sell eFlexFuel?

eFlexFuel is the most advanced ethanol conversion / upgrade kit there is on the market today. This will help with acquiring customers and keeping them satisfied. We are currently looking for distributors and install shops globally. We have already sold our products to 15 different countries.

Advantages of eFlexFuel compared to other state of art solutions:

We have just launched our next generation bioethanol upgrade kit that enables installation to almost any gasoline-powered car with only 7 product variants.

If you got interested, send as an email to tuomo@steponetech.fi

Check the compatibility for your vehicle

eFlexFuel is not available for direct injection engines (CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost, etc.) or diesel engines.

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