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Terms of Use

These terms of use are applicable to all eFlexFuel E85 conversion kits, their wiring harnesses, and their accessories manufactured by StepOne Tech Ltd. (the manufacturer). Please read these terms of use carefully before using or attempting to install the eFlexFuel conversion kit or the related components. This ensures that both parties (the buyer and the seller) are aware of how to proceed in different operational situations of the eFlexFuel conversion kit.

Warranty and refund

The manufacturer offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty (12 months). The warranty applies only to the conversion kit, the included wiring harness, and their functionality. Always read the instructions on this instruction manual in its entirely before attempting to install or use the conversion kit. This ensures that the product operates to its full potential.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper installation by the buyer or by the buyer’s agent, or if the product has been damaged by wear that is not caused by normal use or by a manufacturing defect.

The warranty covers faulty installation by the manufacturer or by an authorized dealer. Any modification done to the conversion kit without the consent of the manufacturer voids the guarantee.

If the product has a fault that can be regarded as a result of a faster than normal wear or a result of a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer will provide the buyer with a new product or repair the faulty product within the time that is seen appropriate by the Finnish consumer protection act. The manufacturer has the right to redeem the faulty product if it is replaced by a new one.

The manufacturer reserves the rights to any modifications, expansions, attachments, or improvements made by customer.

The manufacturer has to accept returns of unused products within 32 days as stipulated by the Chapter 6 of the Finnish consumer protection act.

Product liability

The use of eFlexFuel conversion kit happens at the user’s own risk. Please take into account that a warranty offered by a car manufacturer may be void once a conversion kit has been connected to the car’s systems.

The manufacturer commits only to make up for damage caused to the conversion kit, the accompanied wiring harness, or accessories as covered by the guarantee.

The manufacturer does not make up for damage caused to the car by the use of ethanol containing fuel or the use of eFlexFuel conversion kit. Neither does the manufacturer make up for damage caused by the installation to the product, the installation’s target or the person carrying out the installation, if the installation is carried out by the customer or by customer’s agent.

The manufacturer recommends replacing the fuel hoses and gaskets with ones that meet the SAE30R9 requirements and are therefore better capable of enduring ethanol exposure.


The warranty period of eFlexFuel conversion kit is 12 months. The warranty applies to the eFlexFuel conversion kit and the wire harness. The warranty is available also outside Finland.

A receipt or other proof of purchase is required for the warranty to be valid.


All our prices includes Finnish VAT. 24%.

Orders outside of EU without VAT. Webstore automatically reduce the VAT to orders total sum if you order outside of EU.

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