Technical Support

Check engine light went on

Check engine light can be on for many different reasons. If the check engine light went on after installing eFlexFuel, there is a reason to suspect that the device is not properly installed.

How to repair

  • First check the error code
  • If the problem is related to ignition, there is a reason to suspect that the wiring harness is not connected properly
  • Check error codes with the eFlexFuel App
  • Check that the ethanol content is correct
  • Check the temperatures to see that they are correct
  • Make sure that the ground wire is properly connected. Vehicle's battery (-) is the best place for a ground wire
  • Make sure that each connector on the cylinder and the terminals are properly connected
  • Make sure that the polarities of male connectors on the cylinders are correct (multimeter part in the instruction manual
  • Check that the connector pins are straight
  • The control unit has been corrupted and needs to be replaced