Technical Support

Disconnecting the fuel line

  • Ethanol sensor should be installed to a location away from moving parts and high temperatures. Engine movement may damage the fuel hose if not installed as mentioned above. High temperature may cause the melting of the fuel hose
  • Clean the fuel line connection before disconnection
  • Fuel hose should be installed as straight as possible. Avoid tight bends. Minimum radius for a bend is 80 mm (3.1 in). Tight bending of a fuel hose may cause breaching and leaking
  • Use quick connectors in the installation of the ethanol sensor
  • If a fuel hose is added during the installation, use the fuel hose included in eFlexFuel accessories kit
  • Do not use solvents when installing fuel hose
  • Lubricate the quick connector seals with clean engine oil before installation

Next is assembling the new fuel line