Technical Support

eFlexFuel App error codes

Active error codes indicate that the error in ongoing. Active error codes must be handled at site to determine what causes the error.

Stored error codes are the ones occured earlier and which have been removed from the active ones. Stored error codes do not affect the operations of the device. However, the reason, for which the error codes are stored, has to investigated if the error codes recurs frequently.

How to repair

Ethanol sensor not connected

  • Ethanol sensor connector is not connected or is poorly connected
    • Check that the ethanol sensor cable connector is properly connected to the ethanol sensor
    • Make sure the purple lock on the wiring harness is on the bottom
    • Check that the pins on the connectors are not oxidized

Low ethanol content

  • Ethanol sensor has detected low ethanol content. Warning limit is 2 %. Normally gasoline contains 5 % or more ethanol. Low ethanol content could show symptoms of low fuel pressure or a faulty connected ethanol sensor
    • If the ethanol content is 0%, make sure the ethanol sensor is connected to the fuel line and not to the breather hose
    • The fuel pump may be worn, or the fuel filter is clogged. The fuel line is not full all the time and shows varying ethanol content

Fuel is contaminated

  • Ethanol sensor has detected dirty gasoline or water in the fuel. If the sensor cannot detect right ethanol content, the ethanol content is set to 40 % for safety reasons. In this case, avoid driving or refuel about 50/50 mixture of gasoline and ethanol

Temperature sensor signal is too low

  • The temperature sensor has been damaged
    • Replace wiring harness or fix temperature sensor

Temperature sensor signal is too high

  • The temperature sensor has been damaged
    • Replace wiring harness or fix temperature sensor

Injector duty cycle has reached 100 %

  • Follow the duty cycle level while driving. If the duty cycle goes to 100 % in hard accelerations, we recommend using few liters of gasoline per tank with E85. The reason may be clogged fuel nozzles, fuel filter, faulty fuel pump, or inadequate fuel system for E85