Increase Power With The eFlexPro Capability Kit

The eFlexPro capability kit is designed for technical auto enthusiasts and professional drivers who want an E85 flex fuel conversion option for more power and better performance. Adding horsepower is expensive. With eFlexPro, you can offset some of those costs and get the power you want with the ability to create your own E85 tunes.

  • Drive on E85, gasoline, or a combination of the two
  • Flex fuel kit specific to your vehicle with an easy DIY install (if you choose to install it yourself)
  • Tuning software and an app allow you to fine-tune from anywhere - even without a dyno
  • Custom tunes and settings

If maximum power is what you’re after, choose eFlexPro. It provides the most power gains of all the eFlex Fuel capability kit options. Drive on with an E85 conversion or gasoline - optimize your vehicle for the way you like to drive.

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What's Included


Your eFlexPro purchase comes with a small eFlexPro control unit (3” x 5 1/5” x 1” in size), an ethanol sensor, all the fuel system and electrical connectors you need to complete the install, and a free downloadable app called “eFlexApp” .” and a free tuning software called “eFlexTuner.” Plus:

  • Wiring harness with an external temperature sensor (for 1-8 cylinders) and two additional analog inputs that plug in to the engine’s own sensors (MAP, MAF, TPS or WBO)
  • Cable ties
  • Male fuel injector connectors
  • Fuel hose
  • Fuel line quick connectors
  • Hose clamps



Installing an eFlexFuel capability kit requires some auto repair knowledge as well as a variety of hand tools and a multimeter. With a little bit of know-how, install will take 2-3 hours (depending on your vehicle). However, if you bring your vehicle to a local repair shop, they can likely install the kit in 2 hours or less. Below is a brief overview of the installation process. Use Caution: Always avoid parts with high voltage within the engine bay. You can find more detailed instructions here.

  1. Depressurize the fuel system and remove all necessary covers, etc. to gain access to the fuel injectors.
  2. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel rail.
  3. Install the ethanol sensor in the OE fuel line, using the supplied quick connectors. Or use the fuel line that is supplied with the kit (if needed).
  4. Make sure that the fuel line and the ethanol sensor are properly fastened and there are no fuel leaks.
  5. To install the wiring harness, first verify the OE fuel injector connector polarity with a multimeter.
  6. Based on the measured fuel injector polarities, assemble and connect the supplied male fuel injector connectors to the eFlexFuel wiring harness.
  7. Connect the eFlexFuel wiring harness to the OE fuel injector connectors (both to the injector wires from the ECM and the fuel injectors). Connect the two analog input wires to the engine’s sensors. Reminder: Avoid parts with high voltage within the engine bay.
  8. Place the temperature sensor within close proximity of the engine block and connect the ground wire to a sufficient ground terminal.
  9. Connect the ethanol sensor connector to the eFlexFuel wiring harness.
  10. Finish installation by connecting the control unit to the wiring harness and securing the wiring harness with zip ties.

More Info


All eFlex Fuel capability kits operate via a wireless Bluetooth LE connection. This allows the eFlex App to recognize the version of your capability kit and monitor your engine in real-time while driving on E85, gasoline, or a combination of the two. With eFlexPro you can choose from six driving modes - three presets and three customizable ones. The app also lets you choose, monitor, and customize:


  • Driving mode (3 Presets: Economy, Dynamic, or Sport. And 3 custom modes that are created with the eFlexTuner software)
  • Cold start enrichment level


  • Ethanol content
  • Injector duty cycle and activity
  • Fuel and engine temperature
  • Engine RPMs
  • Automatic cold start/cold enrichment
  • Fault codes
  • Startup information

Customize with eFlexTuner PC software

  • Engine load based enrichment
  • RPM-based enrichment with 3D fuel maps, including one that can be connected to two external engine sensors
  • In-depth, cold start enrichment
  • Create up to 3 of your own tunes with fully customizable fuel maps

Pending U.S. emissions certification; your eFlexFuel™ system is sold only for competition and off-road use.

Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Attention Californian customers!

eFlexFuel products are not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles in the state of California. Every reference to on road highway use on this site applies to other markets. We insist that our customers always make sure to follow their local rules and regulations.

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