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Who We Are?

From garage to our current facilities

The eFlexFuel Technology Origin Story

eFlexFuel founders, Miika, Risto, Tuomo and Pekka, met when they all worked at a tire factory.

As engineers, they were disenchanted with their job prospects. They wanted to do something outside the norm. They wanted to create change.

That opportunity came in the early 2010s when they looked at the auto industry and saw an opportunity to apply their expertise and have a positive effect on the environment. With renewable E85 available, eFlexFuel Technology company was born and became part of the “green revolution” with its universal, affordable E85 kit.

Renewable E85 is an economical solution that reduces dependency on fossil fuel, and, as an added benefit, improves vehicle performance. After years of growth — from a small operation in a garage to our current global business, we still oversee and manufacture all of our kits in Finland. Maintaining affordable, fast shipping has helped us expand out reach throughout North America —eFlexFuel is investing in growth for the long term.


Tuomo Isokivijärvi FounderTuomo Isokivijärvi Chief Executive Officer
Pekka Salo CIOPekka Salo Chief Information Officer
Miika HölttäMiika Hölttä Head of Hardware Development
Risto HärkönenRisto Härkönen Head of Software Development

Our mission

Through inspired automotive technologies, eFlexFuel empowers people and organizations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation - without compromises - one driver and one vehicle at a time.

Our values


Positive impact isn’t limited to the environment. How can our daily actions make a positive impact on the world around us?


Listen, serve, and engage. We want to both hear and act on customer feedback.


If it’s easy, we’re not interested.


We are prepared for disruption and eager to overcome adversity with a positive mindset.

"We over me"

Nothing of significance is achieved individually. We believe that uniting people and organizations that share our values can help us achieve higher goals.


The world is a work in progress. We seek better.


Let’s do something meaningful.


We believe in working toward serious goals with a serious attitude. We also welcome a good laugh.