About us

From garage to our current facilities

Our story

Founded in 2012, eFlexFuel Technology is a global technology company with your vehicle’s performance and sustainability in mind. We strive to produce a new generation of technical solutions to combat climate change, save on fuel costs and increase engine performance in cars, trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

Our founders met in college, each disenchanted with their professional offerings. They looked at the auto industry and wanted to do more. They wanted to have a voice.

When bioethanol became available, they saw an opportunity. With an environmentally conscious mindset and a desire to be a part of the “green revolution,” our founders took it as a chance to do their part to save the planet. How did they plan to do it? With a universal, affordable, and modern device that could be had by all, no matter their vehicle type.

Combining a common interest in automobiles with a passion for the environment, the idea of converting fuel-based cars to operate on bioethanol was the perfect match. Not only would it be an economical solution — something we can all get behind — but it would be one that helps to reduce our carbon footprint, allowing anyone to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Thus, the idea for eFlexFuel was born. After years of growth — from a small operation in a garage to our current offices — we’ve overcome obstacles with the goal of making a product that isn’t just useful to drivers, but one that is the best in the industry.

Our mission

For us, the key to making a global impact is persistence. We work toward a brighter future and better tomorrow by focusing on improving the environment. We do this by empowering both people and organizations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in transportation without compromises—one driver and one vehicle at a time.

Our ambitions and mission are rooted in our eFlexFuel products, affordable solutions to help transition vehicles from fossil fuels to safer, more environmentally friendly renewable flex fuels.

Our vision

We empower the revolution of sustainable private transportation by providing everyone with the ability to transition to renewable fuels.

Our values


Making an impact is what motivates us. We’re empowered not only by working for ourselves, but by helping the entire planet achieve a sustainable future.

Making an impact requires an understanding of the big picture. By working to understand that — all while finding where our contribution fits within it — we know how to make a large-scale impact.

Our pursuit for a positive impact isn’t limited to the just environment. It spans all levels of life. Each day, our actions and decisions are based on one question: How can we make a positive impact on the world around us?


Our business revolves around our customers. Without them, we’re nothing. When we successfully engage with our customers, we’re able to achieve so much more.

We take our customers seriously and we listen. We’re committed to serving them better every day, and we use their feedback systematically to monitor our progress in both short- and long-term activities. We develop technologies that deliver additional value that matters to our customers.

Persistence & courage

We’re the first to admit it: What we’re trying to accomplish is ambitious, but not impossible. Driving change and challenging the status quo empowers us and gives us stamina to push through adversity.

We see the world as a place that can be changed for the better.

We’re persistent in accomplishing our objectives — no matter how big or small. We aren’t afraid to pursue, create or develop something that has never been done before. And we’re not afraid to drive the change, even if it means disrupting the playing field.

We find daily motivation in doing something that is not easy. We understand that adversity is inevitable, and that’s why we face it with positive energy and attitudes.

"We over me"

Nothing of significance is achieved individually. We believe that uniting people and organizations that share our values can help us achieve higher goals.

Our team-centric vision has created a feeling of comfort and happiness, not only for the company itself, but for all individuals. We want to be the platform that promotes a positive work experience.

In our everyday activities, we think about how we interact with each other. How do we take others into account? We want to spark smiles and positive feelings within our network and for the people among us.


We see the world as a work in progress. We actively seek out new ways to do things better than they’re done now or have been in the past.

When we encounter new possibilities, it gives space for the opportunists inside us to step up. We are constantly looking for ways to improve processes as we view every decision critically.

We encourage all team members to express their ideas in doing something differently. Innovation is not a privilege given to high-level executives, but a common right and duty shared by all. We see innovation as a continuous process that, ultimately, determines our success.


We are a collection of people who share the same passion. This common feeling consists of building something meaningful together. When your work aligns with your passions, you don’t get tired.

That passion comes in a range of different forms that are unique to everyone. We welcome that diversity.

We feel that enabling our entire team to be passionate in their everyday work leads to better results, a happier work environment, and a higher overall impact — one bigger than any individual.


We believe that working toward serious goals with a serious attitude can also be fun.

We don’t believe in curbing the opportunity for a good laugh. We encourage it. We cherish our culture, one that allows our team to have fun and create positive energy through humor.