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Frequently asked questions

The price of our products varies depending on which you choose. You can find information on our range of products and their pricing; Auto products or Motorcycle products. We always ship a compatible product based on your vehicle’s technical information.

eFlexFuel products are compatible with most gasoline and hybrid vehicles. The products arecompatible with 1- to 8-cylinder engines and 4-stroke motorbikes with electronically controlled, multipoint fuel injection (MPI). eFlexEco products are also available for 10-cylinder and 12-cylinder engines. An eFlexFuel product for direct injection engines is currently under development. None of our products are compatible with diesel engines.

We have a compatibility database that contains information about the viability of eFlexFuel and E85 fuel with your vehicle. You can check the compatibility of your vehicle with our tool here. Please note, your needs to be adequately maintained and in normal working order when installing an eFlexFuel product.

eFlexFuel products are delivered with a detailed installation manual that includes photos of the installation process. If you have experience in simple automotive repairs and installations, you should be able to install the product on your own. You can also refer to our YouTube channel for install videos.

Yes! After the installation, you can use any mixture of gasoline and ethanol fuel. The eFlexFuel device will detect the fuel mix being used in real time and adjust automatically.

All eFlexFuel products are ready for use after installation and do not require additional adjustments. Our eFlexPlus, eFlexMoto Plus, eFlexPro and eFlexMoto Pro products can be fine-tuned with the eFlexApp or eFlexTuner software.

Cold temperatures can affect vehicle startup, especially when using solely E85. Vehicles should start normally but may need 1-3 startup attempts if temperatures are very cold. We recommend the use of engine block heaters whenever possible or adding gasoline at 5-10 percent of your tank. Old and worn ignition components can also affect cold start p erformance, and new spark plugs can solve cold start issues as well.

No, your vehicle’s drivability will remain the same compared to regular fuel, however, E85 fuel will increase the power and torque of your engine.

Yes, it is possible to remove eFlexFuel products and return the vehicle to its previous state.

Generally, yes. If your vehicle has performance upgrades or modifications, please consult with our technical support engineers before purchasing.

Due to the low energy content of ethanol and E85 compared to regular gasoline, the amount of fuel injected during each cycle is higher. Thus, consumption with E85 is approximately 20-30% higher with E85, depending on the vehicle, driving habits and the exact ethanol content in the fuel.

Please note, the vehicle’s onboard computer does not factor in the increased amount of fuel injected due to the use of fuel with higher ethanol content.

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