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Enjoy better engine performance results thanks to an E85 Flex Fuel conversion

E85 means high performance

E85 is a high octane mixture of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and gasoline, very similar to racing fuel. With an eFlexPlus or eFlexPro kit, you can add E85 kit to your vehicle and increase your engine’s horsepower as much as 20%.*

E85 burns cooler and cleaner than gasoline

Because E85 is primarily ethyl alcohol, it burns at a much lower temperature. As a result, engines running on E85 run cooler and have fewer carbon deposits. And because E85 has fewer contaminants than pump gasoline, it also burns cleaner.

Best of all, the ethanol in E85 is mostly distilled from corn, which means every gallon of ethanol you burn at the track helps support American farmers.

eFlexFuel Dodge Ram
Nascar Race

Why alcohol fuels are used in racing

Alcohol fuels are very popular in racing because of their high octane rating, cooler combustion temperatures, and cleanliness. E85 is the fuel used in IndyCar® racing, and alcohol fuels are burned by monster trucks, Champ cars, many dirt track cars, and of course NHRA Top Alcohol dragsters.

Higher octane fuel supports higher compression ratios, which leads to more engine horsepower. Both the eFlexPlus and eFlexPro kits add E85 capability to your engine, with vehicle-specific tunes (included) to maximize the power output of your engine off-road or on race day.* And with the eFlexPro, professional grade custom engine tuning software is included.

Which eflexfuel kit is right for you?

If you've already had your engine modified and tuned for increased performance on gasoline, adding eFlexFuel and using high-octane E85 is the smart choice. Our E85 flex fuel conversion kits work with most tuned engines, so you're adding even more awesome power to your high-performance engine. If you're considering buying a kit for your tuned vehicle, contact our customer service team and let us know what mods you've made. We'll confirm compatibility and recommend the ideal product for you.

  • The eFlexPro kit is for enthusiasts who want to take their engine performance to the next level. It includes six (6) pre-configured engine tunes you can enable with our smartphone app, as well as our professional grade tuning software.
  • The eFlexPlus kit offers both the “eco” tune and two performance tunes that you can configure with our eFlexApp smartphone app.

All our kits are self-tuning, so they'll automatically adjust to whatever mix of E85 and gasoline you have in your tank.

And when you install any one of our kits, you can use our smartphone app (iOS or Android) to review performance and - on the Plus and Pro models - adjust engine tunes.

eFlexPro Nissan

Dyno results


Peak power gains do not always tell the whole story! It's important to look at power gains across the entire RPM range / dyno curve, A.K.A. power "under the curve." Power gains under the curve will have a greater impact on driving experience. This is because gains under the curve impact the broader usable powerband, whereas peak power is momentary - only at one point in the RPM range.

If peak gains are 5% while max gains under the curve show 20%, this +20% increase is a better reflection of how your driving experience will change (you'll certainly feel that increase!). You want to feel the difference in the seat of your pants, and this is where power under the curve plays usually the biggest role.

Dyno results



* Your engine’s performance improvement will depend on several factors, but turbocharged and/or supercharged vehicles see the largest horsepower gains.

** eFlexPro and eFlexPlus are designed for racing and off-road use only.