Maximize performance with eFlexFuel conversion kits

E85 means high performance

When you switch to E85 fuel, you'll notice benefits both in your engine and on the road. Since E85 fuel burns cleaner and cooler, your engine will run smoother and more efficiently. eFlexFuel conversions kits together with always over 100 octane E85 fuel deliver up to 20% more power especially on high performance engines.

Turn to e85 fuel and eflexfuel coversion kits for maximum horsepower and torque

With octane rating always above 100, E85 fuel offers better performance than any pump gasoline available. Since the vehicle ECM used together with eFlexFuel doesn't need to retard ignition or lower the boost pressure under any circumstances, you have more performance at your command whenever you need to call upon it.

The eFlexPlus, eFlexMoto Plus, eFlexPro and eFlexMoto Pro products connect to the eFlexApp and eFlexTuner software, allowing you to easily customize your engine's E85 performance using either your smartphone or laptop. eFlexPlus and eFlexMoto Plus boast three distinct drive modes and an adjustable cold start with eFlexApp; eFlexPro and eFlexMoto Pro, intended for professional use, feature comprehensive engine fuel injection optimization options with eFlexTuner software.

E85 is a Race Fuel for the Street

When compared to gasoline, E85 fuel enables a faster ignition time and flame propagation. This leads to higher cylinder pressure and even an increase of more than 20% in both engine torque and power. The resulting increase in exhaust gas flow allows turbos to spool quicker, which leads to significantly increased performance.

Ethanol has over 1/3rd of oxygen by mass, which is higher than that found in oxygenated race fuels that typically are below 1/6th of oxygen by mass. This means that ethanol provides higher injection volumes per ignition – meaning even more power. Since ethanol’s evaporation can absorb more heat from the intake air, it creates a better charge cooling effect and allows the engine to run cooler compared to gasoline.

Dyno data

Please note that these dyno results use metric torque units (Nm). To convert these numbers to ft.-lb., multiply the Nm by 0.738.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

eFlexEco & eFlexPro

Suzuki B-King 2008

eFlexMoto Plus

Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG


Ford Focus ST


eFlexFuel vs. ECM tune

There's no denying that ECM reprogramming, also known as chip tuning, is a great way to modify your engine's performance. It's important to know that you can make tunes for both gasoline or E85, but you cannot use E85 with a gasoline tune or vice versa. Also, since tunes can only be made for a fixed ethanol content level, and the actual ethanol content of E85 varies between 51%-83%, it's rarely optimal to perform a fixed E85 tune.

All of the eFlexFuel kits come with fully-automatic, real-time ethanol content detection. The ethanol sensor measures the fuel you're using and adjusts the fuel injection accordingly, ensuring that you're running an optimal air-to-fuel ratio no matter what fuel you're using.

There's another downside with ECM tunes that bears mentioning: they may override ECM safety features and any driving condition-related adaptations. eFlexFuel 85 conversion kits, on the other hand, don't interfere with ECM functionalities. This means you and your vehicle are still protected by all OEM engine safety and driving condition-related features.

eFlexFuel and a modified engine together mean more power

If you've already had your engine modified and tuned for increased performance on gasoline, adding eFlexFuel and using high-octane E85 is the smart choice. Our E85 flex fuel conversion kits work with most tuned engines, so you're adding even more awesome power to your high-performance engine. If you're considering buying a kit for your tuned vehicle, contact our customer service team and let us know what mods you've made. We'll confirm compatibility and recommend the ideal product for you.