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Make Up to 20% More Horsepower with eFlexFuel & E85

The E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Experts, Since 2012.

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The stock fuel system of your vehicle lacks the flow capacity to run full E85.

You can’t run full E85 and need to blend it with gas. Our app lets you monitor the fuel blend and gives a warning when the limits of the injectors are reached.

If you already have replaced the fuel injectors please list the modifications on the checkout page. Our technical support will then confirm the injector connectors and verify that there's enough flow capacity for E85.

Please reach out to our customer service for more information

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For V10-V12 engines this product is not currently available for sale.

Please select your vehicle

Select make, year, model and engine to check compatibility with eFlexFuel products.

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50,000+ Vehicles converted
750,000,000+ Miles with eFlexFuel

eFlexFuel is your gateway to performance

  • Drive on E85, gasoline, or a combination of the two
  • Fully automatic system with no tuning or changing maps required
  • Complete kit specific to your vehicle with everything included for DIY installation
  • Piggy-back technology that doesn’t interfere with the OEM engine systems
  • We verify the compatibility of your fuel system and possible engine modifications for E85: fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel lines
  • Vehicle specific kits starting at $699
Automotive products
eFlexPro installed in Nissan GTR engine
Fully Automatic Flex FuelAlways Optimized Fully Automatic Flex Fuel
Cooler & Cleaner EngineCooler & Cleaner Engine
No Tuning NeededComplete System, No Tuning Needed
Increase PerformanceUp to 20% Increase in Performance
Flex Fuel System VerifiedYour Fuel System Verified

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eFlexApp for mobile connection

Monitor eFlexFuel devices with eFlexApp

All eFlexFuel kits feature a Bluetooth connection and eFlexApp for your smartphone that allows you to monitor the engine in real-time while driving. See what kind of fuel blend you’re running, adjust cold start settings or toggle between three different engine performance modes: Economy, Sport, and Dynamic. With the eFlexPro, you can use custom E85 tunes created with the eFlexTuner PC software.

About eFlexApp

How does eFlexFuel increase performance and torque?

  • Automatic engine tune adjustment optimizes the engine in real-time to match the fuel blend
  • E85 has 100+ octanes that supports higher compression ratios and greater ignition advance
  • E85 contains a great deal of oxygen for burning: the fuel burns more completely producing more power, less harmful emissions and a cooler engine
  • eFlexPro with its fully customizable fuel maps enables precision engine tuning on E85 resulting in up to 20% horsepower gains
Nissan GTR with eFlexPro
E85 fuel pump in United States

Over 3,800 E85 flex fuel stations nationwide

Available nationwide, E85 is the highest octane fuel available at the pump. With eFlexFuel your engine can still run on gasoline or any combination of gasoline and ethanol.

Find the nearest E85 pump

What's included in the eFlexPro E85 flex fuel conversion kit

Check out what the eFlexPro E85 flex fuel conversion kit package contains and how eFlexApp works in practice.

Every eFlexFuel kit we deliver is customized for your specific vehicle.

Select your vehicle

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