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Lead the way with E85 bioethanol

Convert your motorcycle, UTV, or ATV to run on E85, gas, or any mix of the two with the eFlexMoto flex fuel kit and enjoy up to 10% extra horsepower

Check if your bike, SxS, or ATV is compatible with the eFlexMoto flex fuel kit


Unfortunately your vehicle is not compatible

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Not yet available in your market area

Our eFlexFuel direct injection products are not yet available in your market area.

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Unfortunately your vehicle is incompatible with eFlexFuel and E85 in stock form

Please reach out to our customer service for more information.

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The stock fuel system of your vehicle lacks the flow capacity to run full E85.

You can’t run full E85 and need to blend it with gas. Our app lets you monitor the fuel blend and gives a warning when the limits of the injectors are reached.

If you already have replaced the fuel injectors please list the modifications on the checkout page. Our technical support will then confirm the injector connectors and verify that there's enough flow capacity for E85.

Please reach out to our customer service for more information.

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60,000+ Vehicles converted
1,550,000,000+ Miles with eFlexFuel

Go even faster with eFlexMoto Plus or eFlexMoto Pro

eFlexMoto is an easy-to-install flex fuel kit that lets you enjoy the power of 100+ (RON) Octane E85 bioethanol in your motorcycle, UTV, or ATV - and with lower CO2 emissions. We offer a solution for everything from touring bikes to Harleys, superbikes to supermotos, ATVs to UTVs, and everything in between. Fill up with E85, gas, or any mixture of the two and eFlexMoto will automatically optimize your fueling for whatever blend you have in the tank.

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eFlexMoto Plus installed
E85 fuel pump in United States

Over 4,300 E85 flex fuel stations nationwide

Available nationwide, E85 is the highest octane fuel available at the pump. With eFlexFuel your engine can still run on gasoline or any combination of gasoline and ethanol.

Find the nearest E85 pump

eFlexFuel installation

You can install the eFlexMoto E85 flex fuel kit yourself or have your local powersports shop take care of the job. We have a growing network of eFlex installers across the US.

Watch the eFlexMoto Plus installation video

Find your nearest installation point
eFlexFuel E85 kit installation

eFlexApp for mobile connection

Monitor eFlexFuel devices with eFlexApp

All eFlexMoto devices have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect your device to our eFlexApp mobile app and monitor your eFlexMoto flex fuel kit and engine data in real time. With eFlexApp, you can see the true ethanol percentage in your fuel, adjust cold start settings or choose between three different drive modes (Normal, Sport, Track (+Custom via eFlexMoto Pro). eFlexMoto Plus offers three selectable driving modes that affect fuel delivery based on RPM, changing peak torque and power ranges of enrichment.

The eFlexMoto Pro flex fuel kit allows you to fully optimize your fueling based on RPM and load with our eFlexTuner software. By fine tuning your ethanol fueling, your bike/UTV’s throttle response will be improved, along with appreciable gains across the entire operating range.

Load-based tuning can be performed with our built-in virtual load sensor or by manually wiring to your vehicle’s own load sensors (eg. TPS, MAP) and crease custom fueling adjustments in with our included eFlexTuner PC software. These custom fueling adjustments are saved directly to your eFlexMoto Pro device without touching your vehicle’s ECU and are deployed with the eFlexApp. Enjoy optimized fueling & performance specifically tuned to your vehicle with the eFlexMoto Pro!

Discover eFlexApp Discover eFlexTuner

Dyno results

eFlexMoto Installation video

Motocross E85 kit

Get more performance with the EFLEXMOTO PLUS flex fuel kit

  • Always choose the best fuel! Fill up with gasoline, E85, or any mix of the two and the eFlexMoto kit will automatically adjust fueling.
  • Increase your vehicle's performance by up to 10%.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint on the road by up to 80%.
  • Save on fueling costs.

Get more performance with the EFLEXMOTO PRO

In addition to the benefits of eFlexMoto Plus, you can also install our free E85 tuning software eFlexTuner to make engine adjustments in real time and record log files.

Use eFlexMoto Pro2's virtual load sensor for more precise engine tuning and improve throttle response across the entire engine operating range.

The eFlexMoto Pro device can be connected to the engine's own sensors such as TPS, MAP or retrofit a wideband sensor for supplemental data.

eFlexMoto Pro E85 conversion kit


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