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Are You Ready To Be An eFlexFuel Brand Ambassador?

California road Nissan GTR

Social media influencer?

  • Are you a social media influencer in the automotive space?
  • Are you passionate about performance?
  • Are you excited to represent and recommend our brand and products to a large audience, throughout your social media networks?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions and want to work with a brand that invests in its collaborators and the environment, then apply to be an eFlexFuel brand ambassador.

eFlexFuel ambassadors receive discounted products, free swag, a discount code to share with followers, and opportunities to earn additional perks.

How To Apply

Ambassadors must:

Own or lease a vehicle that is compatible with an eFlexFuel kit

Meaningfully participate on at least two social media platforms, forum, and/or own a website

Exemplify good character and judgment in all posts and comments

To apply, complete this form.

Brand Ambassador Application


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