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Lead the way and run on ethanol fuel

eFlexFuel for Motorcycles and powersports
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60 000+ Vehicles converted
2 500 000 000+ Kilometers with eFlexFuel

What are eFlexMoto Products?

  • eFlexMoto is specially designed for motorcycles and powersports.
  • eFlexMoto is an easy E85 upgrade that allows you to enjoy the ecology and power of domestic E85 bioethanol in your motorcycle.
  • The eFlexMoto is a fully automatic flexfuel system, so you can fill up with E85 bioethanol, gasoline or both - however you want
  • eFlexMoto optimizes the engine for the fuel mixture in use, minimizing emissions and consumption while maximizing performance.
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eFlexApp for mobile connection

Monitor eFlexFuel devices with eFlexApp

All eFlexFuel kits feature a Bluetooth connection and eFlexApp for your smartphone that allows you to monitor the engine in real-time while driving. See what kind of fuel blend you’re running, adjust cold start settings or toggle between three different engine performance modes: Economy, Sport, and Dynamic. With the eFlexPro, you can use custom E85 tunes created with the eFlexTuner PC software.

About eFlexApp