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We have a specific eFlexFuel product available for V10-V12 engines at a price of 949 € including VAT. Please contact our customer service at [email protected].

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What is eFlexMoto Plus

eFlexMoto Plus is an easy E85 upgrade that allows you to enjoy the ecology and power of domestic E85 bioethanol in your motorcycle.

The eFlexMoto Plus is a fully automatic flexfuel system, so you can fill up with E85 bioethanol, gasoline or both - however you want

eFlexMoto Plus optimizes the engine for the fuel mixture in use, minimizing emissions and consumption while maximizing performance.

eFlexMoto Plus asennettuna
eFlexPlus app screen

Automation and eFlexApp

The fully automatic eFlexMoto Plus does not require any additional actions from the user after installation.

However, if you want to monitor the operation of your moto's engine or adjust the performance, eFlexMoto Plus also enables this.

The free eFlexApp mobile application and eFlexTuner Windows application show information about the operation of the engine and contains adjustment features.