More power and torque with eFlexFuel

Increase power and torque, reduce fuel costs, cut your emissions

Price 399,00 € includes shipping and accessoríes

eFlexFuel is designed and manufactured in EU

eFlexFuel is the most advanced E85-kit in the world

You can refuel with gasoline or E85 or use any mixture of them. Ethanol sensor automatically detects the mixture being used.

Includes Android and iOS compatible eFlexFuel App.

Product info

eFlexFuel is easy to install

Average installation time is 1 to 2 hours. Only a multimeter and some basic tools are needed.


How to order

Check your vehicle´s compatibility.

Order from our webstore. Free international shipping.

Use E85, gasoline or any mixture of two (FlexFuel)

Check the compatibility for your vehicle

eFlexFuel is not available for direct injection engines (CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost, etc.) or diesel engines.

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