Upgrade your gasoline or hybrid car to run on bioethanol

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Easy ethanol conversion to your vehicle

With the eFlexFuel conversion kit you can use environmentally friendly bioethanol fuel in your vehicle. This small size product is all you need for the ethanol conversion. Because eFlexFuel products automatically adjusts the fuel injection you can refuel with any combination of ethanol and gasoline after the installation.

For drivers looking to go green

449 €

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For enthusiasts looking to enhance performance

529 €

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For advanced users and professionals with car tuning expertise

949 €

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Also available for motorbikes

More power and torque with our easy solution

All our device types are compatible with motorbikes

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  • Real-time operations
  • Injector duty cycle
  • Fuel ethanol content
  • Injector activity
  • Etc...

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Over 200 000 000

kilometers with eFlexFuel

and counting...

based on cumulative eFlexFuel sales and average yearly drive

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Products available for your car:

If you cannot find your vehicle you can leave us a compatibility request. We add vehicles to our database when we are asked for compatibility.

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Our technician will check the compatibility of your vehicle before delivery. We always return your money immediately if eFlexFuel products are not compatible.

Please note:

  • eFlexFuel products are not compatible with Diesel engines.
  • eFlexFuel products are not compatible with direct injection engines like TFSI, TSI, CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost.
  • If you switch eFlexFuel products to another vehicle please contact our support first.