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Our eFlexFuel direct injection products are not yet available in your market area.

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We have a specific eFlexFuel product available for V10-V12 engines at a price of 949 € including VAT. Please contact our customer service at [email protected].

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Run E85, gasoline, or any blend automatically with eFlexFuel.

The E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Experts, Since 2012.

60 000+ Vehicles converted
2 500 000 000+ Kilometers with eFlexFuel

What is eFlexFuel?

eFlexFuel E85 flex fuel conversion kits enable running high-octane E85 ethanol fuel in gasoline powered engines. Designed for drivers who want to increase their engine power without compromises, eFlexFuel is the easiest and safest way to enjoy the performance of high-octane E85

  • Drive on E85, gasoline, or a combination of the two
  • Fully automatic system with no tuning or changing maps required
  • Complete kit specific to your vehicle with everything included for DIY installation
  • Piggy-back technology that doesn’t interfere with the OEM engine systems
  • We verify the compatibility of your fuel system and possible engine modifications for E85: fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel lines
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eFlexPro installed in Nissan GTR engine

Introducing the



E85 performance just got a whole lot easier

  • Install eFlexPro 2, Run E85 & Gain 10-20% HP/TQ
  • DIY Virtual Load Sensor Tuning
  • Experience the VelvetTouch+
  • Supercar Technology in your Daily Driver (or Weekend Warrior)
  • Industry Leading, Free 5-Year Warranty (with product registration)
  • Expertly Engineered, Designed & Manufactured in Finland

ONLY 899€

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Fully Automatic Flex FuelAlways Optimized Fully Automatic Flex Fuel
Cooler & Cleaner EngineCooler & Cleaner Engine
No Tuning NeededComplete System, No Tuning Needed
Increase PerformanceUp to 20% Increase in Performance
Flex Fuel System VerifiedYour Fuel System Verified

eFlexApp for mobile connection

Monitor eFlexFuel devices with eFlexApp

All eFlexFuel kits feature a Bluetooth connection and eFlexApp for your smartphone that allows you to monitor the engine in real-time while driving. See what kind of fuel blend you’re running, adjust cold start settings or toggle between three different engine performance modes: Economy, Sport, and Dynamic. With the eFlexPro, you can use custom E85 tunes created with the eFlexTuner PC software.

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What's included in the eFlexPro E85 flex fuel conversion kit

Check out what the eFlexPro E85 flex fuel conversion kit package contains and how eFlexApp works in practice.

Every eFlexFuel kit we deliver is customized for your specific vehicle.

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