Sustainable locally made E85

Reduce your carbon footprint

With an eFlexEco fuel conversion kit, you’ll be driving without compromises on bio-friendly ethanol fuel. Our sustainability-focused product helps you reduce your carbon footprint everytime you hit the road without sacrificing performance. It’s the most affordable and effortless path to eco-friendly driving.

what is ethanol fuel?

Ethanol is a renewable fuel made from plant materials and biomass. eFlexFuel conversion kits utilize its flex fuel counterpart, E85, to help lower greenhouse gas and life cycle emissions in automobiles, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles.

The benefits of e85

Think of E85 as a more environmentally friendly alternative to your traditional unleaded gasoline. In many parts of the word, E85 is also a more affordable option that provides the highest octane available at the pump. That means your engine runs cooler and cleaner.

Go green with e85

The use of E85 is reducing carbon emissions all over the world. Our eFlexFuel family of products is the first-ever conversion kit available for hybrids as well as traditional vehicles. With E85, you’ll be reducing smog and air toxins as your vehicle runs on the cleanest, most affordable high-octane fuel on the market.

The versatility of e85

With eFlexFuel, you’re able to fill up with E85 fuel, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to it. E85 can be used on its own or mixed with traditional unleaded gasoline, all while serving as an easy and affordable way to lower emissions without making compromises to your vehicle’s performance.

Do you want to know more about E85?

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Faites le plein à partir de seulement 0,63€/l et obtenez une aide régionale Ile-de France de 500€ pour rouler au superéthanol E85 !

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