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Heroes on the wheels - who are they?

Heroes on the wheels - who are they?

We are increasingly exposed to international and national climate policies. We have gradually developed a sense of climate awareness, or at least a willingness to walk on our toes when it comes to our carbon footprint. Choosing an ecological way of living will surely smoothen our path forwards.

Renewable fuels show the way

Ethanol is made from renewable raw materials locally. It is an agricultural by-product which is mainly obtained from the processing of sugar from sugarcane or corn biomass, but also from other sources such as rice husk. The production process does not release additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as is the case with imported fossil fuels. Studies have also shown that ethanol has significantly lower negative air quality and health impacts than fossil petrol. It can therefore be said that the ethanol car driver is driving towards the sustainable and self-sufficient future. And that journey makes a real difference.

Steadily towards the circular economy

Join the battalion of everyday climate heroes with your current petrol car, without giving up anything you already have - except road traffic emissions! Check if you can fill up your current vehicle with ethanol here.

Electric cars may have seemed like an attractive option, but from a circular economy perspective, the glow is dimmed. Locally produced biomass-based fuel such as ethanol with the possibility of using the existing car fleet, is an equation that appeals.

The finger of quilt tied to personal climate consciousness points to each of us. Climate change, with its heatwaves and floods, is sweeping surprisingly close. The term heroism can be attached to the usage of renewable fuels as grabbing the handle of ethanol blended fuel pistols at the gas station is an act of defense for the right to a sustainable future.

April 3, 2024