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Why sell eFlexFuel kits?

The most advanced E85 flex fuel conversion kit on the market today, eFlexFuel will help you bring in new customers while satisfying their desire for improved engine performance.

  • Established manufacturer with over 10 years of presence in the marketplace and over 50,000 kits on the road
  • 5 year warranty with product registration
  • For every application the vehicle’s OEM fuel system compatibility (injectors, fuel pump, fuel lines) for E85 has been verified
  • E85 fuel’s performance benefits can offer similar level of power gains to ECU tuning
  • Typical installation time 2-3h, piggy-back system with no tuning needed
  • Fully automatic flex fuel system. Run E85, gas or both seamlessly

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Advantages of eflexfuel compared to other flex fuel conversion kits


eFlexFuel enables a fully flexible fuel experience, allowing drivers to utilize E5, E10, E20, E50, E85, E100 or other ethanol and traditional fuel types.


eFlexFuel is manufactured in Finland and sold globally, enabling the highest quality and the longest lifespan of any product in the field.

Ease of use

eFlexFuel is fully automatic from the start, and does not require any adjustments from the user or installer. Any driver can use it, and anyone with a basic tech understanding can install it.

Verified emissions

Controlled emissions: eFlexFuel is one of the few flex fuel conversion kits to pass the strict emission standard tests required by the local authorities in Europe. We are currently working on the EPA and CARB approvals.

Driving response

With eFlexFuel, drivers will feel no change in how the car reacts to the throttle, no matter the circumstances.

Additional features

eFlexFuel is the only product on the market that features smartphone connectivity. With our app, drivers can monitor varying levels of performance from their mobile device.

Cold start

eFlexFuel is equipped with an adaptive cold start function that enables using pure E85 even in the coldest climate conditions.


eFlexFuel is the only solution on the market with a moto component as our family of products serve all driver needs.


eFlexFuel maintains the original emission control system of the vehicle, which enables as clean of emissions as possible and makes the product as safe as possible for the vehicle.


eFlexFuel includes all necessary accessories for 1-8 cylinder vehicles, covering a wide range of vehicles.


eFlexFuel does not ignite engine warning lights or cause faults in vehicles.


The most advanced universal product, one with continuous in-house development, eFlexFuel is priced affordably.

If you are interested, send us an email to [email protected]


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