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Why Sell eFlexFuel Capability Kits?

Based in Europe, with offices in the USA, eFlex Fuel capability kits are currently available in 14 countries and counting. Distributors choose to sell eFlex Fuel products because of the broad appeal. It’s ideal for consumers who:

  • Want to spend less at the gas station
  • Are passionate about improving performance
  • Care about reducing emissions and relying on renewable resources
  • Already fill up with high-ethanol fuels
  • Drive a vehicle with 1-8 cylinders, covering a wide range of vehicles (including motorcycles and ATVs)

Grow your sales and provide value to your customers. When you work with us, you’ll get a generous markup and sales support. Fill out the form here to apply or contact [email protected] to learn more. (Please check out the dealer FAQs below first.)

Frequently Asked Wholesale Questions

What Is The Minimum Order Requirement?

We have two tiers of wholesale dealers:

  • Tier 1 dealers get our best, available discount but have a minimum initial stocking order of 10 units on the initial order.
  • Tier 2 dealers enjoy a wholesale discount with no stocking requirement
What Is The Markup?

Please contact us for the details on our markup.

Do You Have A MAP Policy?

We strictly enforce a MAP policy to protect retailer margins.

Who Manages Warranty Claims?

eFlexFuel will work with all dealers and distributors to resolve customer issues.

Do You Drop Ship?

Drop shipping is available for Tier 2 dealers, with a very small shipping charge.

Do eFlex Fuel Kits Need To Be Professionally Installed?

No, but it is recommended someone have some experience with DIY on their vehicle and general knowledge of internal combustion engines.

Is This A Conversion Kit?

No. eFlexFuel is a capability kit. It does not require any engine adjustments, and any driver can use it to make their engine E85 compatible.

After Installation, Can You Only Use E85?

No. eFlexFuel enables a full flexible-fuel experience, allowing drivers to utilize E5, E10, E20, E50, E85, E100, or other ethanol fuels alone or in combination with other traditional fuel types. The driver can also choose to run only traditional fuel if that makes economic sense.

Attention Californian customers!

eFlexFuel products are not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles in the state of California. Every reference to on road highway use on this site applies to other markets. We insist that our customers always make sure to follow their local rules and regulations.

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