Add E85 Capability To Your Vehicle

eFlexFuel kits are more than just E85 conversion kits. With any of our eFlexFuel kits, you can:

Take Advantage of Low E85 Prices and E85's Higher Octane Performance

Monitor Vehicle Performance With Our eFlexApp Smartphone App

Switch Between Gas and E85 As Much As You Want - You're Not Locked In

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eFlexFuel products are not available for direct injection engines (TFSI, TSI, CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost, etc.) or diesel engines.

We are launching an eFlexFuel device suitable for direct injection vehicles at the end of 2021. Join the waiting list.

*Fuel prices and properties vary. Subject to vehicle engine and fuel specific properties. Location and country specific considerations apply. To fully understand the emissions always consult your fuel distributor and enquire for the properties and source of the fuel.

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