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eFlexFuel accessories

The eFlexFuel kit includes automatically the accessories listed on this page. Therefore, there is no need to add these items separately into your order. However, in cases where the eFlexFuel kit is transferred into another vehicle, some additional accessories may be needed. Please contact our customer service at [email protected] for further questions.

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  1. 3M Dual Lock Sticker
    3M Dual Lock Sticker
  2. Accessories 10mm
    Accessories 10mm
  3. Accessories 8mm
    Accessories 8mm
  4. Cap L/XL
    Cap L/XL
  5. Control unit (eFlexPlus)
    Control unit (eFlexPlus)
  6. eFlex Harness Delphi
    eFlex Harness Delphi
  7. eFlex Harness DualJet
    eFlex Harness DualJet
  8. eFlex Harness EV-1
    eFlex Harness EV-1
  9. eFlex Harness EV-6
    eFlex Harness EV-6
  10. eFlex Harness Honda
    eFlex Harness Honda
  11. eFlex Harness HX
    eFlex Harness HX
  12. eFlex Harness Keihin Bottom
    eFlex Harness Keihin Bottom
  13. eFlex Harness MLK
    eFlex Harness MLK
  14. eFlex Harness Nippon
    eFlex Harness Nippon
  15. eFlex Harness Nissan
    eFlex Harness Nissan
  16. eFlex Harness Toyota
    eFlex Harness Toyota
  17. eFlexMoto Mount
    eFlexMoto Mount
  18. Ethanol sensor (Continental)
    Ethanol sensor (Continental)
  19. Ethanol Sensor Mount
    Ethanol Sensor Mount
  20. Extension wires Delphi + males
    Extension wires Delphi + males
  21. Extension wires EV-1 + males
    Extension wires EV-1 + males
  22. Extension wires EV-6 + males
    Extension wires EV-6 + males
  23. Extension wires Honda + males
    Extension wires Honda + males
  24. Extension wires HX + males
    Extension wires HX + males
  25. Extension wires Keihin Bottom + males
  26. Extension wires MLK + males
    Extension wires MLK + males
  27. Extension wires Nippon + males
    Extension wires Nippon + males
  28. Extension wires Nissan + males
    Extension wires Nissan + males
  29. Extension wires Toyota + males
    Extension wires Toyota + males
  30. HMC Flange Connectors
    HMC Flange Connectors
  31. OBDLink LX OBD Reader
    OBDLink LX OBD Reader
  32. OBDLink MX+ OBD Reader
    OBDLink MX+ OBD Reader
  33. T-Shirt Ethanol Power
    T-Shirt Ethanol Power
  34. Threaded connectors M14
    Threaded connectors M14
  35. Threaded connectors M16
    Threaded connectors M16
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35 Items

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