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Get Up to 20% More Horsepower with eFlexFuel and E85

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eFlexFuel products are not available for direct injection engines (TFSI, TSI, CGI, FSI, GDI, EcoBoost, etc.) or diesel engines.

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40,000+ Vehicles converted
750,000,000+ Miles with eFlexFuel

What is eFlexFuel?

  • Utilize the full potential of E85 fuel with it being the highest octane fuel at the pump
  • Run E85, gas, or any mixture safely without tampering the vehicles ECM factory settings
  • Simple plug and play system: install will usually take approximately 1-2 hours
  • Choose from 3 different drive modes, adjust cold start settings and track data in real time on our free eFlexApp
  • Adjust the fuel maps through our eFlexTuner -software
  • Intelligent system, connect to the existing engine sensors
  • Fit and function guaranteed for your specific vehicle
  • Starting at $699
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eFlexPlus installed in engine

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Monitor eFlexFuel devices with eFlexApp

eFlexApp for mobile connection

  • Keep an eye on essential data such as ethanol content, fuel temperature, injector activity, injector duty cycle, and more
  • Easy self-diagnosis with displayed fault codes
  • Choose from different driving modes and settings
  • Adjust your engine performance with eFlexTuner
About eFlexApp

How does eFlexFuel increase performance and torque?

  • eFlexFuel optimizes the usage of E85 fuel
  • Create optimized fuel maps using external sensor signals (MAP, MAF, TPS, or WBO) and eFlexTuner
  • Select between the engine tunes with our eFlexApp
  • E85 is a high-octane fuel that supports higher compression ratios and greater ignition advance
  • E85 contains a great deal of oxygen needed for burning: more fuel can be injected into the engine. Therefore, your engine runs cooler and more powerful
  • + With turbocharged engines, increased exhaust flow spools turbo with lower revs
Nissan 350z with eFlexPro
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Over 3,800 E85 flex fuel stations nationwide

Available nationwide, E85 is the highest octane fuel available at the pump.

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What's included in the eFlexPro E85 conversion kit

Check out what the eFlexPro E85 conversion kit package contains and how eFlexApp works in practice.

Every eFlexFuel kit we deliver is customized for your specific vehicle.

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