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Rideshare Companies and TNCs

Ensure you are one of the forerunners with lower emission solutions

We are living in an era of environmental consciousness where customers and enterprises need to be vigilant about their carbon footprint. Offering ecological solutions and choices has become a necessity.

Bioethanol fuel is a gateway to a lower carbon footprint

Bioethanol is produced from biomass. When fossil fuels are used, new carbon dioxide is created and released into the atmosphere. In the case of bioethanol, the carbon dioxide is captured from the atmosphere either by a technical or biological process, and the same carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere during the combustion phase. Thus, by using bioethanol, the carbon footprint of road transport can be reduced up to 90% through recycling carbon dioxide.

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Drive flexibly, refuel responsibly

The eFlexFuel ethanol conversion kit upgrades existing gasoline-operated vehicles to run on bioethanol easily, safely, and with significantly lower emissions. The eFlexFuel device allows you to refuel with 95E10, 98E5 petrol, bioethanol, or any blend of the two.

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eFlexFuel Benefits for Rideshare Companies and TNCs

Why offer eFlexFuel to your customer base?
  • Easy add-on upgrade at a moderate cost: Easy installation and de-installation if needed.
  • Lower tailpipe and lifecycle emissions lower your fleet's emissions.
  • The most cost-effective solution to free fleet vehicles and drivers from using fossil fuels.
  • We provide you with tools to report your fleet's emission reductions.
  • Flexible option as both bioethanol and gasoline can be used in any blends.
  • Vehicles with eFlexFuel have often lower operating costs, giving you a competitive edge versus other TNCs.
  • Cutting-edge green technology used by your drivers positions you as a forerunner.

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