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Adding E85 Capability To A Supercharged Mustang

Mustang GT

Adding E85 Capability To A Supercharged Mustang

If you’re in the Santa Rosa, California area, you may have noticed an eye-catching green 2014 Mustang GT cruising (or ripping) around town. Behind the wheel is Gilberto Wood, a/k/a green_machine5oh on Instagram. Gilberto – along with his green Mustang GT – has gained a large following. It’s no wonder because that Mustang is a work of art. It’s loaded with upgrades and modifications, including (but not limited to):

    • APEX EC-7 wheels
    • Boss 302 intake manifold and tune
    • GT500 front end conversion
    • Ford Racing lowering springs
    • Strange Engineering adjustable shocks and struts

The latest modification Gilberto made to his Mustang made a huge difference in its performance. It also offers big savings at the gas pump. The product he added to his pride and joy was – you guessed it – eFlexPlus.

A Little Bit About eFlexPlus

eFlexPlus is an E85 capability kit. It instantly makes your car compatible with flex fuel. It does this by changing fuel injector timing to accommodate the properties of E85 fuel. The kit includes:

  • An eFlexPlus control unit
  • An eFlexFuel ethanol sensor (so the device can adjust the fuel injector signals according to the ethanol content reading)
  • An eFlexTuner that allows you to adjust the RPM-based enrichment and cold start enrichment
  • Access to the eFlexApp that allows you to monitor your engine performance in real-time and more
  • All the hardware, harnesses, and connectors you’ll need for an easy installation

You may have noticed in the picture above that the ethanol content is only 10%. So what's going on there? Many owners of high-performance vehicles experiment with different blends of gasoline and E85 to optimize performance or gas mileage. Lesser amounts of ethanol will result in better overall fuel economy, and greater amounts will result in more power. Our kits contain an ethanol sensor, so it doesn't matter what blend of fuel you run. The kit will adjust for it. In a nutshell, eFlexFuel is the best way to cut emissions, save money on fuel, and give your engine more power. You can read more about how the eFlexFuel E85 capability kit works here.

eFlexPlus Earned Gilberto Wood's Seal Of Approval

By installing eFlexPlus on his one-of-a-kind Mustang, Gilberto's car became even greener. Now his Mustang is fully equipped to use 98% renewable, always +100 octane E85. A big win for the environment! Not only is Gilberto's green machine more eco-friendly, but it's also more powerful! Gilberto said that the torque increase was very noticeable. He wrote on Instagram: "The car drives exactly the same as with 91 but step on the gas and you’re pushed into the seat much harder ('violent' but in the best of ways)." He was also pleased with how easy and effortless it was to switch over to E85.

Thank you, Gilberto, for giving eFlexFuel a shot! Enjoy your faster Mustang, cleaner engine, and big savings at the gas pump!

April 14, 2021

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