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Does E85 Make More Power? Heck Yeah!

Toyota 4Runner

Does E85 Make More Power? Heck Yeah!

E85 flex fuel is known for being more eco-friendly than regular gasoline. There’s another benefit of flex fuel that only a few people know about. It can increase your engine’s power!

4 Reasons E85 Flex Fuel Produces More Power

If your engine is tuned right, it can gain up to 20% with flex fuel. Here’s why:

1. High-Octane Content

There’s a reason professional racers prefer alcohol-based fuel. For decades, alcohol has been used in drag racing, NASCAR, IRL, and so on. Alcohol is effective in creating more power because it offers high octane content. E85 is up to 85% ethanol, aka ethyl alcohol. So naturally, E85’s high alcohol content makes it the highest octane fuel on the market. This means that the vehicle ECU used together with eFlexFuel does not need to retard ignition or lower the boost pressure in any circumstances. This means more performance – just when you need it.

2. Less Heat Build-Up

E85 is popular in racing because the engine runs cooler with E85 than with gasoline. This is because Ethanol has over 1/3rd of oxygen by mass, which is higher than in oxygenated race fuels, where the levels are below 15% of oxygen by mass. When oxygen is introduced as part of the fuel to the engine; the heat energy is used to change the state of fuel from liquid to gas. Alcohol has nearly ten times the cooling effect when comparing to gasoline. Cooler temperatures mean there's less risk of heat build-up in the motor. Heat build-up can cause all kinds of problems in racing: everything from reduced power output to engine failure. (More about heat and even more reasons to use E85 in this article.)

3. Clean Burning

Ethanol is much purer than gasoline, e.g., the main impurity substance sulfur content is 90% lower in E85 compared to regular gasoline. Sulfur can contaminate catalysts and is a problem for particulate filters. They can quickly become blocked by sulfur, which can permanently damage the engine. Ethanol-powered engines are much cleaner than engines burning gasoline. It matters when it comes to engine power. Clogged-up fuel injectors, for example, don’t create as much power as clean fuel injectors. Speaking of fuel injectors, E85 fuel can actually clean the engine for you. Ethanol is an effective cleaner that can remove deposits in the fuel injectors and throughout the cylinder head.

4. Faster Burning

E85 fuel has a faster ignition time and flame propagation when compared to gasoline. This leads to higher cylinder pressure, as well as increased engine torque and power, gaining up to 20%. The increased exhaust gas flow allows turbos to spool quicker.

How To Maximize Your Horsepower With E85

Simply switching to E85 flex fuel won’t instantly increase your engine’s horsepower. Your engine needs:

  • To be compatible with E85 fuel
  • To be tuned to improve timing and power

Our eFlexPlus or eFlexPro kits help you achieve both goals in the easiest way possible. All you need to do is install one of our kits and then select an engine tune that will increase your engine’s power up to 20%. Do you have any questions about using our E85 capability kits to increase your engine’s power? You’re welcome to contact us!

August 2, 2021

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