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Mercedes-Benz E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kits

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Unfortunately your vehicle is not compatible

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Not yet available in your market area

Our eFlexFuel direct injection products are not yet available in your market area.

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Unfortunately your vehicle is incompatible with eFlexFuel and E85 in stock form

Please reach out to our customer service for more information.

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The stock fuel system of your vehicle lacks the flow capacity to run full E85.

You can’t run full E85 and need to blend it with gas. Our app lets you monitor the fuel blend and gives a warning when the limits of the injectors are reached.

If you already have replaced the fuel injectors please list the modifications on the checkout page. Our technical support will then confirm the injector connectors and verify that there's enough flow capacity for E85.

Please reach out to our customer service for more information.

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Please select your vehicle

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eFlexPro E85 kit with accessories to your Mercedes-Benz

eFlexFuel verified Mercedes-Benz models for E85 conversion kits

190190E200200 E200 TE220 CE220 TE230 CE230 E230 TE260 E280 CE280 SL280 TE300 CE300 E300 GE300 SE300 SEL300 SL300 TE380 SEC400 E400 SE420 SEC500 SE500 SEC560 SECA 140A 150A 160A 170A 180A 190A 200A 210A 220A 250A 250eA 45 AMGAMGB 150B 160B 170B 180B 200B 220B 250C 160C 180C 200C 220C 230C 240C 250C 280C 300C 300eC 32 AMGC 320C 350C 350eC 36 AMGC 400C 43 AMGC 450C 55 AMGC 55 AMG C 63 AMGC 63 AMG SCitanCL 420CL 500CL 55 AMGCL 600CLA 180CLA 200CLA 220CLA 250CLA 250eCLA 45 AMGCLC 180CLC 200CLC 230CLK 200CLK 230CLK 240CLK 280CLK 320CLK 350CLK 430CLK 500CLK 55 AMGCLK 550CLS 350CLS 400CLS 500CLS 55 AMGCLS 63 AMGE 200E 220E 230E 240E 250E 280E 300E 300eE 320E 350E 350eE 400E 420E 430E 450E 50 AMGE 500E 500 TE 55 AMGE 550E 63 AMGG 320G 500G 55 AMGGL 450GL 500GLA 180GLA 200GLA 250GLA 250eGLA 45GLB 200GLB 250GLC 200GLC 250GLC 300GLC 300eGLC 350eGLC 43 AMGGLE 43 AMGGLE 500eGLE 53 AMGGLE 63 AMGGLK 200GLK 250GLK 280GLK 300GLK 350GLS 400GLS 450GLS 63 AMGGT 53 AMGMetrisML 350ML 400ML 430ML 500ML 55 AMGML 550ML 63 AMGML230ML320R 280R 350R 500S 280S 320S 350S 400S 420 S 430S 450S 500S 55 AMGS 550S 560S 600S 63 AMGS 65 AMGSE 280SE 600SL 280SL 300SL 320SL 350SL 450SL 500SL 500 SL 55 AMGSL 600SLC 180SLK 200SLK 230SLK 250SLK 280SLK 300SLK 32 AMGSLK 320SLK 350SLK 55 AMGSprinterSprinter T1VaneoVianoVito

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